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Call Around Town Junk Removal immediately if you require any type of junk removal, including residential, commercial, appliance, e-waste, hot tub, furniture, attic cleanout, garage, or storage unit cleanout. Contact our team if you have any general questions or need additional information. Please, fill out our form, and our team will get you a quick response!
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Junk Removal Services in the North Phoenix Area

Around Town Junk Removal is a locally-owned and operated junk removal service with a focus on customer service. We offer upfront pricing, flexible scheduling, and free estimates, and we prioritize eco-friendly disposal methods. Our customer reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the quality of service provided by our company. Our reputable and reliable junk removal service ensures that your unwanted items are disposed of properly and safely.

Our Services

Residential Junk Removal

Schedule residential junk removal services in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding cities today! Trust us for expert house cleanouts, yard waste removal, trash pickups, and property cleanup services. Book today and get your junk removed fast and efficiently!

Commercial Junk Removal

Got junk in your workspace or facility? Trust us for expert warehouse, office, and storage unit junk removal in Phoenix, Arizona. We work for realtors, property managers, contractors, and other vendors. Book our services regularly or one-time junk pickups!

Property Manager Junk Removal

Local realtors or property managers needing junk removal? Schedule our high-quality services in Phoenix, Arizona. Buying, selling, or renovating a home rental property and need a professional junk hauling service? We are reliable, friendly, and affordable.

What Junk Do You Need To Remove?

Appliance Removal

Appliance Removal

We haul away old appliances for residents in the greater Phoenix Area! We can quickly remove refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers and more.

Construction Debris Removal

Construction Debris Removal

We will efficiently remove your construction junk without you having to rent a dumpster. Let us make your construction site safer!

Garage Cleanout

Garage Cleanout

With our premier garage cleanout service in Phoenix and surrounding cities, we can clear out your garage full of junk in no time!.

Attic Cleanout

Attic Cleanout

Let us remove the junk in your attic in no time! Unfortunately, household junk quickly ends up stored in the attic. We'll help remove the clutter!

Furniture Removal

Furniture Removal

Have old furniture you need to get rid of? Around Town Junk Removal can assist with furniture removal, so you don't have to haul it yourself.

Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal

We can remove your hot tub! We're proud to offer our state-of-the-art hot tub removal services to Phoenix and surrounding cities.

E Waste Removal

E-Waste Removal

We haul away old electronics such as computers, televisions, printers, and other electronic clutter. Once we haul it away, we thoughtfully recycle it.

Hoarding Cleanout

Hoarding Cleanout

Excess junk around one's home can cause severe mental and physical hazards. We provide quality junk removal that will declutter your home.

Storage Unit Cleanout

Storage Unit Cleanout

We work with storage unit owners and managers to offer storage unit cleanout services. We clean out the junk so you can get new business in!


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Why Choose Us?

Around Town Junk Removal services is incredibly convenient for several reasons:

Saves time and effort

We save you the time and effort of having to sort, organize, and haul away your unwanted items yourself.

Proper disposal

Our team knows how to dispose of various materials properly. We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to recycle, donate, or dispose of your items in an eco-friendly manner.

Safety concerns

Removing large or heavy items can be dangerous, especially if you’re not properly trained or equipped. Our company has the necessary equipment and training to safely remove items without risking personal injury or damage to your property.


We can remove large items in one trip, which can save you money on gas and disposal fees. Plus, our team can help you avoid potential fines for improperly disposing of hazardous materials.